G.C.I focuses on geotechnical engineering and civil engineering applications in infrastructure, tunneling, hydraulics structures, special foundations and underground structures.

Michel CHOPIN, founded G.C.I.in 2011 as a result of over 30 years of engineering practice in geotechnical processes through Engineering Consulting Firms: GEATEC / GEOCONSEIL / MC-Consulting, and partnerships with civil Engineering companies such as, ARCADIS (SIMECSOL-EEG) – TRACTEBEL – EGIS – SETEC –. SYSTRA. Strong connections are also shared with SLR(USA), BG – AMBERG, and international organizations, as a result of long-term personal relationships.

G.C.I. provides technical services for Civil Engineering construction projects at various stages of these projects:

G.C.I. bases its skills on knowledge acquired through the numerous projects it has been involved in across the world, from Sweden to Australia, across the Middle East, the Americas, and North-East Asia. This international development strategy has led to a worldwide network which is constantly evolving.

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Michel CHOPIN, first founded M. C. Consulting in Paris in 1999 after 10 years of collaboration with GEOCONSEIL and SIMECSOL-EEG (ARCADIS) focused ongeomechanical studies for tunneling/underground and dam construction were the main core of activity, with a focused view on the French and International market. G.C.I followed in 2011.
G.C.I. is augmenting its skills set by working on numerous projects with EGIS, GEOS, SETEC, TRACTEBEL and AMBERG, BG, and through a permanent collaboration with the Irvine (California, USA) office of SLR International Corporation USA.

A pioneer company in the soil and site improvement field since 1920, Soletanche-Bachy is recognized worldwide by the Civil Engineering profession for its knowledge and technology innovations and has worked in tandem with M.C. Consulting in Foundation engineering, D Walls, Piling, Anchoring, Jet-grouting and Grouting processes, relying on geotechnics made by the reputation of Soletanche-Bachy.

G.C.I. has partnered on many projects with Soletanche-Bachy, and both companies cooperate fully to meet the demands of specialized works.

As G.C.I. works with a limited number of geotechnical experts and specialized engineers, its activity is quite frequently in collaboration with other engineering firms.
This multipurpose approach to geotechnical engineering issues has expanded widely since 2010 offering international technical expertise and consulting services to Project Managers and Contractors.

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More than 30 years of experience tackling complex
geomechanical problems on a global level.