Excavations & Marine Works

Investigation and instrumentation, Geotechnical Analyses, Design, Construction studies, Forensic Analyses, Diagnostics, Remedial Works, Design. Supervision of Civil Engineering Construction Infrastructure (in Collaboration with Architectural and Engineering Firms) Specialized in geotechnical projects. Support projects consolidation, sealing and drainage of land, design and sizing of open-pit, search support devices and works of stabilization:

Analyses of construction methods based on geology and modes of execution: Conceptions and modeling of sealing screens and devices. Cast in place Walls, Berlin Walls, sheet piling, earth anchors, soil nails, Injection, grouting, Jet Grouting, compaction grouting and soil freezing.

Tunnels & Underground Structures

Investigations and instrumentation, Geotechnical analyses, Studies, Project Management, Expertise and Diagnosis rehabilitation of structures. Geotechnical geological and Hydrogeological studies: Definition of field investigation campaigns and in-situ laboratory testing programs.

Design studies and Supervision of Civil Engineering Construction, tunnels and Galleries: (in collaboration with specialized engineering firms). Geotechnical studies and Support of Project: Consolidation, Waterproofing and Drainage, recommendations for construction as a function of the geology and the mode of Excavation (Mechanized- Tunnel Boring Machines, NATM, Conventional excavation- Shield and support).

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Dams – Dikes – Reservoirs

Investigation and instrumentation, Geotechnical and hydrogeological analyses, Design, Project Management, Forensic Analyses, Expertise, Diagnosis , and design of Rehabilitation for damaged or at risk structures.
Supervision of the Construction of the Civil Work portions of Dams & Reservoirs (in Collaboration with specialized engineering firms).

Perform geotechnical studies and develop soil and site improvement systems in support of project: consolidation, sealing and drainage of soils, cut-off, Grout cut off, drain systems, plastic concrete walls, clay cores.
Design of injection programs including specifying the materials such as mortars, cement grouts, chemical grouts (silicate gels, resins of all types), ultra-fine cements; designing batching and injection plant; and developing the Technical Specifications for the implementation (pressures, volumes, gel time, etc.) .
Recommendations for the characteristics of fill materials for use in waterproofing or cutoff systems: Plastic concrete, Slurries walls.
Recommendations for instrumentation of earth and hydraulic structures such dams and reservoirs: Clocks Fiber Optic stress Sensors

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